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Thanks to the high degree of protection against external factors, outdoor LED floodlighting is recommended for all types of outdoor applications.

Its uniform distribution system allows maximum use of the light emitted and can reduce the temperature by up to 90% compared to other conventional systems.

Other advantages of LED floodlights for outdoor use are their low energy consumption, longer life and environmental friendliness as they do not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

Keys to choosing an LED floodlight

When choosing an LED floodlight you should consider the following aspects:

  • The use you are going to make of it. The location of the LED floodlight can be indoors or outdoors.
  • The place where you will install it. An LED floodlight is not the same for a car park, a garden, a football pitch or an industrial building, for example.
  • The power supply. The installation site must have easy access to the lighting circuit.
  • The type of light colour. LED spotlights can be of different shades depending on the use you are going to give them:
  • Single-colour with three shades of white: warm, neutral and cool.
  • RGB with the three primary colours red, green and blue or a combination of them to obtain illuminations in orange, pink, violet, yellow, cyan or white tones.
  • The power of light to be installed. Depending on the previous points, you will be able to establish what power you need in each case.

The wide variety of LED floodlight models on the market allows you to choose the ideal option for either outdoor spaces or for industrial lighting - halls or large surface areas - with an obvious need for high-power floodlights.

How to install an outdoor LED spotlight?

Although it depends on the model, the following steps are generally required:

  1. Unscrew the anchor bracket.
  2. Measure and drill the holes to attach the bracket screwed to the wall or fastening element.
  3. Make the connections: phase to phase, neutral to neutral and earth to earth.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Place the spotlight (housing) in the bracket and screw it on.
  6. Connect the power cables of the floodlight to the mains to check that it is working.
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