clean rooms

Clean rooms

Many times we have seen or heard about clean rooms, maybe without knowing it. They are the typical rooms that appear in movies or documentaries where people put on special suits and decontaminate themselves before entering. Let’s find out more about these facilities! Clean room concept A cleanroom is an enclosed space that allows extremely … Read More

Comparison of different street lighting technologies

Not long ago we told you about the different advantages offered by LED streetlights in road and garden lighting. On this occasion, we are going to present some of the technologies that have been used to light towns and cities. Urban lighting It is becoming more and more common to see elements with LED technology … Read More

choose a barbecue

How to choose the perfect barbecue for the garden

On several occasions we have shown you different options for garden lighting, always thinking about decoration and functionality so that, if you are lucky enough to have one, you can enjoy it to the fullest. This time we are going to deviate a little from the usual theme of the blog to bring you some … Read More

what is luminance

What is Luminance

Also known as photometric brightness, luminance is the amount of luminous flux incident on, emerging from or passing through a given surface in a given direction. The surface under consideration is generally called the apparent surface, since it is the projection of the real surface on the plane perpendicular to the line of sight. How … Read More

How to light and decorate small bathrooms

How to light and decorate small bathrooms

Having little space is always a disadvantage when decorating and illuminating any room and bathrooms are no exception. With these brief tips, we will make a small bathroom look much more spacious. Where do we “save” space in a small bathroom? Before we get into the details, it’s important to know where you’re going to … Read More

Garden decoration with LED furniture

Garden decoration with LED furniture

Decorating gardens with LED furniture is a very original way to create a unique atmosphere that we can enjoy now that the good weather is approaching. We have already told you how to illuminate your garden with LED strips and now we will show you all the options offered by our online lighting store to … Read More

how to install a downlight LED

How to install a LED downlight

Like other technologies applicable to people’s daily lives, LED technology has been evolving and being optimized. The arrival of LED downlight panels was a revolution when it came to installing light points in the home, as they offered superior light performance compared to previous lighting solutions, such as fluorescent tubes or halogen lights. Savings, efficiency … Read More

LED lighting in parking lots and garages

LED lighting in parking lots and garages

Lighting systems in garages are very different from lighting systems in outdoor parking lots, but both have the same purpose, to allow us to reach our vehicle safely. Designing a well-lit space, ensuring that there are no dark or unlit areas, will offer users comfort and safety, which is very important in garages and parking … Read More

Recommended lighting levels in dwellings

Recommended lighting levels in dwellings

We have written at length about the recommended lighting levels in all types of commercial spaces such as stores or hotels. This time we will focus on the most appropriate illuminance values for each room in the house. Unlike lighting in workspaces, in the domestic environment we do not have any standards such as UNE-EN … Read More

Lifespan of a light bulb

Lifespan of a light bulb

The lifetime of a light bulb is one of its main parameters. But what is it and how is it calculated? We will get to know some bulbs that are famous for their long life.

kelvin degrees

What is Kelvin?

Kelvin (K) is the unit of temperature in the international system. Discover its origin and how it relates to Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Anti-mosquito lights

The heat is here and summer is just around the corner and with it, dinners on the terrace or in the garden. For many of us, if we combine heat, garden and light, the first thing that comes to mind are mosquitoes. They are the unwelcome guests at any outdoor event, or at least they … Read More

Installing a dimmable LED bulb

Installing a dimmable LED bulb

Some luminaires with LED technology have the ability to be dimmable. Here you will find the keys to install a dimmable LED bulb.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting with LED strips

The good weather is here and it’s time to go out to the terraces and gardens to enjoy. Here we offer you a series of ideas to illuminate your garden with which you will become the envy of your neighbors. Let’s get started! Let’s face it, during the winter the gardens and terraces are abandoned, … Read More