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Our featured products from G4 LED bulbs

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G4 LED bulbs are small, high-efficiency lights that are easily installed via a bi-pin connection in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. Our G4 LED bulbs provide distortion-free, energy-saving lighting, emit no heat and are compatible with flexi-lights, bathroom lamps, display cabinets and even suitable for vehicles.

We have models that operate at 12 V (volts) - they require a transformer - and at 220 V with a lifespan of between 20,000 h (hours) and 40,000 h (hours). They also offer a 360º beam angle for intensities from 110 lm (lumens) to 270 lm and are made of different materials such as epoxy resin or polycarbonate.

In terms of wattage, you can choose between 1.5W (watts), 1.7W, 1.8W and 3W, among which you can find the CorePro technology of the Philips 12V G4 LED bulb. These bulbs have a compact design that fits into the most limited spaces without you having to compromise on power while saving energy.

Similarly, these bulbs are ideal if you are looking for lighting that is not only functional, but also decorative and highly resistant to impact.

What does the G in G4 LED bulbs stand for?

The letter G on the G4 LED bulbs - also on the G9 LED G24 or G53 bulbs you will find in our catalogue - refers to the socket which is made up of snap-in clamps, called bi-pin.

These bulbs offer high efficiency and are very durable due to their lifespan, which can reach up to 40,000 hours, as well as their resistance, thus minimising maintenance and replacement costs.

They require a transformer when operating at 12 V, although you can find models that work directly at 220 V in our catalogue.

These lights are the ideal option for replacing halogen lighting in your home or business if you are looking to reduce energy consumption without giving up powerful and efficient lighting.

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