Delivery Methods

Deliveries in the UK

* For traders, we offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over £49.95 Exc VAT.

* For private clients, we offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over £34.95 VAT included.

All orders over £34.95 (VAT incl.) receive free 72/96h shipping. This offer does not include 24h Express Shipping. Items are not dispatched on weekends or holidays.

The FREE SHIPPING promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions (This includes the ROYAL, BLACKFRIDAY and other promotions).

All packages are shipped after order confirmation has been received and always if ordered before 3:30pm. Deliveries can take from 24h to 96h (1 to 4 working days), depending on the type of shipment.

Shipments to the following countries will include a special delivery cost: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Letonia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. This price can vary depending on package dimensions and weight, and also on the courier providing the transport service (UPS, DPD). 

Delivery failure due to ‘an incomplete or incorrect address / Receiver absent’.
LEDKIA will not be held responsible for any delivery failures due to an incomplete or incorrect address. In the event that a package is labelled as ‘incomplete address’ or is declared as incorrect by the courier service, we will provide a voucher for the client worth the total of the order, minus shipping costs, once the package is received in our facilities.

All orders are shipped via UPS and DPD Group. If ordered before 3:30pm, the package will be shipped that day. You would receive your order within approximately 72/96 hours after shipment. With this method you can track the journey of your package using a URL that we provide. The shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping. Packages are insured against theft, loss and breakage. Packages with very large dimensions may be shipped via Rhenus, depending on the weight and size of the aforementioned packages. 

- Make sure that you provide the sender with complete and precise contact information.
- Make sure that your name can be found on your mailbox, doorbell or telecom.
- Make sure that the 15-consecutive-day period to collect your package from an Access Point does not run out.
- Make sure that the sender is not responsible for the return.

Once the package is received in our installations, a voucher will be made and the shipping costs incurred by LEDKIA will be deducted, including in situations in which the order was shipped via ‘free shipping’, as in these cases we are charged for the shipment.

In the event that a package is returned by fault of the client (package not claimed, wrong/incomplete address), the shipping costs will have to be paid for again so that the package can be re-shipped.

Shipments to Jersey and Guernsey may have a £15 surcharge due to logistics.  

If a package is returned due to renouncement, we will deduct the cost of shipment from vouchers/refunds, even if the original delivery was shipped under ‘Free Shipping’. The reason for this is that our company pays for the shipment on behalf of the client, and when the package is rejected the shipment is still charged. 

UK · 72 hours
< 2 kg < 5 kg < 10 kg < 20 kg < 50 kg
£ 6.95 £ 10.95 £ 12.95 £ 16.95 £ 24.95

24h Special Delivery Service

*Next day delivery in almost all countries in Europe (Except weekends and holidays).

Packages are shipped via the shipping company UPS and orders are received within 24 hours of confirmation (throughout the day) and always if ordered before 3:30pm. You can track your package using a URL that's provided on the website. Shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping. All packages are insured against theft, loss and / or breakage.

< 2 kg < 3 kg < 5 kg < 10 kg < 15 kg < 20 kg < 30 kg < 50 kg < 70 kg
£ 30.95 £ 39.95 £ 46.95 £ 66.95 £ 93.95 £ 106.95 £ 119.95 £ 159.95 £ 199.95