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Table Lamps

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How to choose the perfect table lamp

Table lamps can have two main functions: as a complement to the general lighting of the space or as a functional or work light. Depending on the role we assign to them, we will choose one model or the other.

Another factor to consider is the design of the lamp itself. The ideal is to choose a style that is in tune with the rest of the decoration. For example, if we have a bedroom with Nordic style furniture, it is usual to choose a lamp for the bedside table that is in the same style or another style that combines very well, such as industrial style in this case.

Types of table lamps

Depending on whether we need a bulb or not, we can differentiate between conventional table lamps and those with integrated LEDs.

Special mention should be made of the flexo desk lamps, perfect for providing the ideal lighting for reading or working.

Which bulb to choose for a table lamp

As always, when choosing a bulb we must think about the type of light we are going to need. In short, as table lamps are mainly used to set the atmosphere in living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, it is most common to opt for a warm light. On the other hand, if we are going to use the table lamp for reading or if it has a secondary light for this purpose, it is best to use a cold light.

Table lamps for all styles

Although we can find models of all styles, these are some of the most popular ones:

Vintage: Adding a vintage table lamp is a great way to add a retro touch to any space.

Industrial: An industrial table lamp style is always a safe choice to illuminate any space.

Nordic: With functionality and comfort at their essence, Nordic table lamps are one of the trends that are here to stay.

Elements of a table lamp

Although, depending on their design, they may include other parts, all lamps of this type include the same basic elements in one way or another. In general, the basic parts of a table lamp are:

Lampshade: This is the top part of the lamp and where the bulb is placed, as long as it is not a model with integrated LEDs.

Support: This is the body of the lamp, which can be made up of one piece or several pieces, and there are even flexible or articulated models.

Base: This is the foot of the lamp. Normally it is not used for anything other than acting as a counterweight, but we can find models such as table lamps with a wireless charger where this piece can be more useful

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