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How to choose ceiling lamps

ceiling lamps are the quintessential lighting element in any room and as such it is important to choose them appropriately. Given that they serve both to illuminate and to decorate, it is advisable to purchase a model with a design that aligns with the rest of the space. Nevertheless, if you wish to add more emphasis to the lighting, you can acquire one that stands out and distinguishes itself from the rest of the furnishings.

The main characteristics of these lamps are, quite obvious, they are mounted to ceilings and come in various designs and styles, such as pendant lamps, surface panels or spotlights.

Types of ceiling lamps

As previously mentioned, among the various types of ceiling lamps, the most common are:

Pendant lamps: Although usually considered a separate class, these suspended luminaires are characterised by a main element, the lampshade, which hangs from the ceiling by means of a cable.

Surface Panels: These are luminaires that remain attached to the ceiling or just a few centimetres away from it. They are available in a wide variety of designs and are the main alternative to recessed downlights or panels in the absence of a false ceiling.

Spotlights: They stand out for having several points of light that can be tilted or swivelled on many models. This makes these ceiling lamps highly versatile, without losing their decorative aspect.

How to install a ceiling lamp

When installing a ceiling lamp, one must bear in mind that the process, although depending on the model, is usually quite simple. In essence, drill holes on the ceiling that will used to secure the fixing piece that holds the lamp in place. Then simply fasten the lamp to this fixing piece, generally by means of screws.

Can ceiling lamps be suspended without drilling holes?

No. Under no circumstances shall a lamp be installed on the ceiling without any drilling. Always follow the instructions and indications of the manufacturer and use the appropriate dowels, screws or anchors suitable for the surface where the installation is to be carried out.

How are ceiling lamp wires connected?

When wiring a ceiling lamp, always check that there is no electrical current present in the installation. Cut the power from the electrical panel to avoid any incidents if someone switches the light on by mistake.

Then strip the wires back about half a centimetre, and splice the wires using a terminal block or terminal strip. Connect the live wire on the lamp to the corresponding live cable on the mains, the neutral wire to the neutral cable and the earth cable with a metal part of the ceiling lamp. Normally, the wires to be connected are the have corresponding colours.

Choosing the right bulb for a ceiling lamp

The selection of a bulb is determined by several key points. Firstly, the space and the purpose for which it will be used, as kitchen lighting is not the same as living room lighting. Choosing the right tone of light (warm, neutral or cool) and the intensity of the light will depend on the lighting requirements and preferences of the user.

It is worth noting that to know how much light an LED luminaire emits, one must look at the luminosity and not the watts consumed. Luminosity, which is measured in lumens, will be the comparative value to determine whether one lamp produces more light than another.

On the other hand, take into account the models that do not have integrated LEDs. In these cases, choose a bulb suitable for the lamp. The most commonly used bulbs are E27, E14, G9 and GU10.

Designer ceiling lamps for all styles

When it comes to purchasing a ceiling lamp, style is very important and, in all honesty, the variety of options can be quite extensive. Each style is characterised by conveying a specific impression through the material, colour and shape of each luminaire. Depending on the desired atmosphere, you can choose one style or another. You may even combine several of them. The most popular styles are:

Modern: Perfect for spaces with simple lines, even minimalistic, where harmony and sophistication are in the air. Modern ceiling lamps are usually very functional pieces without losing elegance.

Vintage: A retro style that has become very popular in recent times. Vintage ceiling lamps are definitely a trend that's here to stay as they pair perfectly with LED filament bulbs that replicate old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. These bulbs also complement the more rustic style lamps.

Industrial: industrial style ceiling lamps are another great option to decorate and illuminate any space.

Choose the perfect light for every room

You can find models for all kinds of spaces in our catalogue. There are no specific ceiling lamps for living rooms or bedrooms, but there are certain lamps that are more suitable for some rooms than others.

For instance, if you are looking for a ceiling lamp for the living room or dining room, it is very likely that you will opt for a model with more impact than when buying a ceiling lamp for the bedroom. In the latter case, it is likely to look for a design will be softer and simpler to help create a relaxing atmosphere to encourage rest and relaxation.

Other spaces where it is common to find ceiling lamps are the kitchen or even the bathroom, where pendant lights are becoming more and more popular.

The most important aspect to pay attention to is the size of the room and especially the height of the ceilings. In a room with a low ceiling it is preferable to install a flatter lamp, such as a surface panel, rather than a pendant lamp. This will add more space to the room.

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