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T5 LED Tubes

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About T5 LED Tubes

If you are thinking of replacing the traditional fluorescent tubes in your home or business, don't miss the opportunity to join the most sustainable and efficient lighting with our T5 LED tubes. Consult our wide range of models according to size and power in our online catalogue.

T5 LED tubes emit a higher quality of light than traditional tubes and have a lower energy consumption. The T5 designation serves to identify the LED tube and its characteristics.

Specifically, the letter T refers to the type of LED light in question, in this case, a tube. The number that follows indicates the diameter of the tube measured in eighths of an inch, which in these models is 16 millimetres.

The high strength and durability of our T5 LED tubes make them a very suitable lighting system for any environment. In addition, they are connected directly to the mains, so you don't need to use limiting devices such as starters or ballasts.

With a light output of up to 1,800 lumens, our T5 LED tubes are perfectly suited to fill even the darkest rooms with light.

What are the differences between T5 and T8 LED tubes?

There are several differences between T5 and T8 LED tubes, but the first difference that stands out is certainly the diameter.

While the diameter of the T5 models is 16 mm, the diameter of the T8 models is 28 mm.

On the other hand, T5 LED tubes are on average five centimetres shorter than T8 models and emit less light.

If to these characteristics we add a certain aesthetic element, motivated by their small size and easy installation process, it is not complicated to understand why the T5 models are so widespread nowadays, and can be found in all types of environments, from homes and residences to small offices, and even public transport terminals, such as Metro or bus stations.

Finally, and for information purposes, within traditional fluorescent tubes there is a third type, the T12, which has now fallen into disuse and whose characteristics have been largely surpassed by lighting systems based on LED tubes, which are much more efficient and less polluting.