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Our featured products from 12/24V LED Bulbs

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12V/24V LED bulbs are perfect for any installation that requires low consumption without having to forego high-quality lighting, for example, to update lighting in installations with solar panels, in caravans or on boats.

At Ledkia we offer you different types of 12V and 24V bulbs of various sizes, shapes and designs, made from materials such as aluminium, polycarbonate, epoxy resin or glass, providing you with different opening angles, power and intensity.

For example, if you are thinking about replacing your traditional halogen bi-pin connection lighting, you can opt for efficient solutions such as the GU5.3/MR16 bulbs, the G4 LED bulbs or the LED GU10 bulbs.

And if you need to change your large or small screw fitting bulbs, we offer you very efficient 12V and 24V options with our ranges of E27 LED bulbs and E14 LED bulbs respectively.

You can also choose between different light intensities depending on the lighting you want to provide in a specific space. Adjustable bulbs with the TRIAC system would be suitable for this.

All our 12V/24V LED bulbs are manufactured following high quality standards and their colour rendering index with Opal finish ensures a light that will not distort or dazzle.

Because of its long useful life and the absence of hazardous components such as mercury, LED lighting has become a way of saving in the short-term and a long-term investment both for yourself and for the environment.

Where are 12V/24V LED bulbs used?

12V/24V LED bulbs are used in low consumption installations, such as:

  • Installations using solar panels.
  • Interior lighting for caravans, boats, vehicles connected to 12V DC batteries, that is, to 12 volt direct current.
  • Bathroom lighting.
  • LED strips.

Remember that you will need a transformer to use 12 V and 24 V LED bulbs in 220 V / 240 V installations.

Opting for lighting with LED technology, like the one we offer you within our extensive catalogue, will allow you to enjoy uniform and efficient lighting while saving you money on your lighting bill.

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