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About R7S LED bulbs

R7S LED bulbs encapsulate in their small size a number of great features that set them apart from traditional R7S bulbs. Also called linear LED bulbs, they offer highly efficient illumination that will be very useful for tasks that require you to focus your eyes, such as reading, drawing or knitting.

Thanks to the intensity and quality of the light they project, which is far superior to that of conventional linear bulbs, R7S LED bulbs are often used as a general light source in floor lamps, but also as a specific light source for small table lamps or even in linear LED spotlights for outdoor use.

The advantages speak for themselves: by opting for R7S linear LED bulbs, you will have a powerful, durable and long-lasting light source that also consumes less electricity than conventional light sources.

What are the advantages of replacing halogen bulbs with R7s LED bulbs?

LED lighting systems, in addition to using less electricity, have the added advantage that they do not overheat like traditional incandescent bulbs. If you are going to use a particularly powerful LED bulb for long periods of time, you can install a heat sink as an extra measure, because as a general rule these luminaires maintain a stable temperature regardless of their power.

This, as well as making them safer from possible accidents, makes R7S LED bulbs a very good source of light for reading lamps, as they will provide you with more than enough light to read or write without feeling hot.

Can I use R7S LED bulbs in outdoor lighting?

You can use R7S LED bulbs in outdoor lamps or garden lighting, but you should be aware of certain precautions to ensure that they neither deteriorate nor pose a safety risk.

Please note that our R7S LED bulbs are IP20 rated to adequately protect them from solid elements such as dust particles and other airborne objects. However, they do not have specific moisture protection to keep them out of the rain.

However, if you have an outdoor floodlight that uses R7S halogen bulbs, you can replace them with our R7S LED bulbs.