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Frequently asked questions

Do professionals get special discounts?
Yes, professional customers have a percentage discount on all products in the current catalogue. Once the professional account has been activated, you will be able to see the % applied to each of the products.
What do I need to create a professional account?
  • 1- Be a company, or have a professional activity related to the electricity sector.
  • 2- Register on the Ledkia website.
  • 3- Fill in the information requested on the form.
If I am a company outside the sector, can I create a professional account?
Yes, we have a tariff adapted to companies outside the electricity sector.
What if I have a large project?
Contact our technicians and we will review your budget and offer you the best price on the market.
Can I order a product that is not in the catalogue?
Yes, from a minimum volume. We can manufacture the product requested by the professional, or offer an alternative option that meets the specifications indicated.
Does Ledkia have technical support?
Yes, we are European leaders in the sector. We have a technical team that has been helping professionals for over 10 years.

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Leader in European LED Lighting

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