Lighting the way

Welcome to LEDKIA, brighten up with the best!

Technology is constantly advancing and here at LEDKIA we are advancing with it. For over a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to the world of electronics. Our company, based in Spain, turned around after the breakout of LED lighting. We have specialized ourselves in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of the most efficient, ecological and economical electronical devices on the market, always maintaining top quality standards. Each of our products meets technical and safety requirements and includes a European CE certification and more importantly, our products are RoHS compliant, meaning they are environmentally friendly.

Our commitment, paired with our team of professionals, is that you or your clients have the best tools to start saving, providing ongoing technical assistance, meeting delivery time deadlines and creating applications to better commercialize and understand LED technology.

In researching your needs, we have found that the primary worries are: competitive prices, high quality products, saving money on the electrical bill and preserving the environment. With our innovative products you can achieve this and, furthermore, you will improve both your quality of living and also the lives of future generations by helping create areas with high energy efficiency, lower temperatures, which don’t attract insects and have longer-lasting and adjustable products and, in general, better lighting. All of this includes a 5 year warranty, the reason being that all of our products are made from top quality materials from leading global enterprises such as Epistar, Sharp, Cree and Samsung.

We work tirelessly in every aspect to help increase your understanding of lighting, for if you don’t have the necessary technical experience, our Customer Service will assess your case and recommend the adequate appliances for your lighting installation, be it for a final client, an official distributor or a tradesman in the electronics sector.

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