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G24 LED bulbs

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About G24 LED bulbs

G24 LED bulbs replace the energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs found in ceiling lights and downlights but offer greater energy savings and high efficiency. They have the added advantage of not needing a transformer to operate.

In our catalogue you can find G24 LED bulbs of different wattages, as well as models that allow you to choose the ideal light temperature between cool white, neutral white or warm white to provide your rooms with the best possible lighting options.

We also offer G24 bulbs of different light intensities, made of high-quality resistant materials such as aluminium or polycarbonate, some with Opal lenses or clear lenses.

Un aspecto importante a tener en cuenta es que su estudiada forma de mazorca asegura una distribución de la luz homogénea.

With the its instant ignition you no longer have to wait for the bulbs to light up. You can enjoy this type of lighting in the kitchen, bathroom, office or any room in your home.

In the same way, you can benefit from all these advantages in your commercial premises thanks to the safety of our models with solid and liquid particle protection.

Advantages of G24 LED bulbs compared to conventional CFLs

G24 LED bulbs have a number of very advantageous features over conventional CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).

We share with you the 6 most relevant ones:

  1. They are specially designed to replace CFL lamps, but with much higher efficiency.
  2. They reduce consumption considerably thanks to LED technology, which makes them ideal for lighting shops or spaces that require quality light for many hours a day.
  3. They are compatible with most lamps that require CFL bulbs.
  4. They offer a much longer lifespan, which means that the initial investment is recouped in the medium term.
  5. They do not require a transformer to operate.
  6. Installation is very simple thanks to the pin system and the rotating bushing that simplifies the connection.

Another great feature, common to all LED bulbs, is that they do not contain mercury and emit less CO2, making them much more environmentally friendly than any other traditional bulbs.