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Our featured products from Philips LED Flood Lights

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Philips LED spotlights combine elegance and energy efficiency with great value for your money so you can enjoy the most innovative technology from this prestigious brand.

The installation is simple, allowing you to enjoy quality lighting in indoor spaces such as parking lots or industrial areas, but also in outdoor spaces such as building facades, gardens and terraces.

They are also suitable for use as a safety or signaling measure.

Distinguishing features of Philips LED spotlights

One of the most outstanding features is the energy savings it provides, which can be up to 80% compared to the consumption of traditional halogen lighting.

In our online catalog we offer Philips LED spotlights from 10 to 200 W, reaching a brightness of up to 21,000 lumens with versions that can even feature a motion detector.

We have asymmetric and symmetric lights with different angles, as well as IP65 protection against dust and water, which makes them perfect for outdoor areas. Additionally, they have a high degree of protection against shocks and falls.

Among the Philips LED spotlights you can find mini designs and solutions with motion detector with high chromatic indexes for a lighting that preserves the natural colors, increasing the light comfort.

You can also select the color temperature between cool white (6,500 K), neutral (4,000 K) or warm (3,000 K) to get the lighting you need in each of your spaces.

Its aesthetically enhanced design allows for efficient temperature dissipation and has a robust aluminum, polycarbonate and glass finish for durability of up to 50,000 hours.

Philips LED floodlight applications

Philips LED spotlights are very versatile. In the following list we share with you you can find out about the places where you can install them.

  • Building and store facades. With up to 21,000 lumens, you can stand out from the competition and add a touch of elegance.
  • Gardens or path marking. Increase savings without sacrificing lighting thanks to the motion sensor versions.
  • Billboards. Philips LED floodlights provide you with up to 50,000 hours of light so you get the most out of your LED investment.
  • Small spaces. Philips offers maxi options, but also minis so you can install a quality light even in small rooms. In our online catalogue we offer you a wide range of wattages ranging from 10 W to 200 W (in symmetrical and asymmetrical versions).
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