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LED power supplies allow you to enjoy your lighting in 12V and 24V by transforming alternating current (AC) from the mains into direct current (DC). Thanks to these accessories you will be able to get the most out of your lights: 12V or 24V LED strips, and 12V or 24V LED bulbs.

In our online catalogue we offer you a wide range of power supplies, both for indoor and outdoor use, completely watertight. You can choose from lightweight and compact models with slim versions, available in different power ranges and sizes, as well as dimmable models for domestic and commercial use.

We offer power supplies with high-quality designs made of aluminium, a durable material that makes the units very sturdy. In addition, in our online shop you can also find units with a voltage selector that allows you to change the input voltage of the power supply.

We also have plug-in designs that are capable of withstanding current peaks, giving you 12V DC output at different amperes.

Our LED strip power supplies are safe and contain no toxic or hazardous materials, CE and RoHS certified.

We also have rolls of electrical cable in special sizes for RGB or single-colour LED strips with a length of 100 metres.

How to determine the power supply you require?

At first, you may feel a bit lost when choosing and buying the power supply you need. As a first step you should calculate the wattage consumption of your LEDs.

To do this, you need to know the power per metre of your strip. This figure must first be multiplied by its length and then by 1.20 to avoid possible power overloads.

This method calculates the minimum wattage needed for the LED power supply.

As an example, this would be the formula for a 3 metre LED strip of 6 watts (W):

(3 x 6) x 1.20 = 21.6 W

If you cannot find a power supply with that exact wattage, simply choose one that is higher. Remember for your safety and that of your installation, and this is essential, that you should never install lower wattage.