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Outdoor led step lighting is perfect for using as an emergency signal or to light passing areas. It can be used in gardens, on paths and on any common walkways, but is also used in public areas such as car parks, hotels, elevators, etc. Because of this we can differentiate between two types of LED step light; in one hand we have those that are used in outdoor areas that we’d like to decorate with light and in the other we have those which are used for signalling in public outdoor areas. 

Depending on how they’ll be used, we can choose one type of LED step light or another. Those used domestically have elegant, attractive and modern designs and are made from aluminium, while outdoor LED step lights offer smooth, quality light that’s distributed evenly in all directions.

At LEDKIA, we’ve placed at your disposal a great selection of LED step lights for outdoors. Check out our catalogue and discover the passionate world of LEDs.

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