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50m 220V - 240V AC LED rolls

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About 50m 220V - 240V AC LED rolls

The 220V AC LED strip reels provide ideal lighting for both practical and decorative purposes that you can use in your home or in your business. You can install these lights indoors, but also in your outdoor spaces thanks to the models with IP protection, up to IP67.

Decorate any area, shelves, showcases, shop windows, facades, stairs, etc. with the wide variety of colours that we offer at Ledkia, such as orange, red, green or blue among others. You can also choose the colour temperature that best suits your needs from super warm, warm, neutral or cold whites.

Which features stand out in our 220V-240V AC LED strip reels?

In our online catalogue you will find dimmable LED coils of different intensities and opening angles that provide low consumption per metre and are very resistant thanks to the materials they are made of, such as polycarbonate, epoxy resin or silicone.

Our LED strip reels feature an advanced rectifier cable that allows you to connect the LEDs to the mains, and include an end cap. The LED strips come in different cut-off lengths - 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 metres.

If you are looking to enhance the effects of your lighting, we suggest RGB LED strips or, if you prefer, you can enjoy the homogeneous lighting provided by high-density, energy-saving COB LED technology.

One of the many other possibilities we have selected for you in our online catalogue, are LED strip reels with CTT (correlated colour temperature) technology, which you can use to adapt to the mood you want to create at any time.

Explore all the creative possibilities of 220V-240V AC LED strips thanks to our energy-saving LED strip reels. And if you are looking for lights of shorter lengths, we also offer the option of custom-made LED strips.

What to consider when buying 220V-240V AC LED strip reels?

Regardless of which 220V-240V AC LED strip reel you choose, whether because you like a certain colour or because you are looking for specific features, it is important that you keep in mind the following tips that will lead you to make the right choice:

  • Check if the reel includes LED connectors, pins and end caps.
  • Check the maximum length per rectifier cable recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If you want to use them outdoors, make sure they are at least IP65 rated.