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Solar Christmas lights

This Christmas, decorate your home sustainably with our solar Christmas lights. Our online catalogue offers a selection of decorative LED lights and garlands that are perfect for bringing the Christmas spirit to every corner of your home, from practical warm white LED strings to coloured LED bulbs.

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About Solar Christmas lights

Our solar LED Christmas lights contain a solar panel with a light sensor. During the day, this sensor charges the batteries on the lamp to provide light which can last for up to eight hours.

Enjoy high-quality lighting for your festive gatherings knowing that you won’t pay more on your energy bill!

How to make the most of your solar lights after the festivities.

When the festivities are over, you can continue using your solar Christmas lights in many different ways. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Create and decorate: if you are celebrating a birthday or any other event, you can make the most of your solar Christmas lights to provide colour to these moments. Whether in the shape of a screen, a curtain or exterior cable or a simple LED garland, for example, you can create the perfect decoration to liven up any event.
  • Make a lamp: arrange your solar Christmas lights creatively near a source of sunlight to create an original decorative lamp that will be useful throughout the whole year.
  • Highlight your photographs: if you like photography, you can use your solar Christmas lights to create effects and shadows for your works, whether by placing them in front of the photograph or using them as a source of additional light to achieve a specific lighting effect.

Advice on how to get the most out of your solar Christmas lights

Here is some advice on how to get the most from your solar Christmas lights and extending their useful life:

  • Find the perfect location: as they are an additional decorative element to add to your existing ones, you should place the panel for your solar Christmas lights away from any other sources of light. This way, the sensor will activate more effectively.
  • Clean the solar panel: occasionally cleaning the solar panel with a damp cloth will help you to extend the useful life of the battery so that you can enjoy your solar LED Christmas lights for many years.
  • Protect them from the weather: If you have installed your solar LED Christmas lights outside, in order to extend their battery life, try not to light them during long periods of rain or during storms.