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Christmas Figures with Lights

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    Our LED Christmas figures are made using lightweight materials such as wood, bamboo and natural fibres, and their designs conjure up anything from the classics of this season - like snowflakes, reindeer and even Christmas trees- to the most modern designs for those who love an alternative to traditional décor.

    Our models emit a high quality and high intensity light, so in addition to being the perfect decorative elements for this special time of year, they are also a fantastic source of lighting to create unique settings and to create enjoyable evenings together with your loved ones.

    Can the Christmas figures with LED lights be used outdoors?

    In reality, you can use the Christmas figures with LED lights from our catalogue both indoors and outdoors. In fact, you can use them to light up your terrace or to decorate your garden with lighting, provided you take certain precautions.

    They have IP20 protection which, although it guarantees certain resistance against medium sized solid objects, it does not offer specific moisture protection.

    If you decide to use the Christmas figures with LED lights to decorate the external parts of your home, you should make sure you keep them away from the rain.

    What is the light temperature of the Christmas figures with LED lights?

    Our LED Christmas figures use warm white LED bulbs which project a light temperature of between 2700 K and 3200 K. This helps enormously in generating warm light to match the mood of this time of year.

    On the other hand, in a season which is so prone to particularly colourful decorations, like Christmas, our LED Christmas figures can also be a simple way of adding a cosy touch and your own design to the most special rooms in your home.

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