The following warranty is applicable to products acquired through www.ledkia.com during a 5 year period and begins from the date shown on the invoice (valid as of September 30th, 2017), according to the following conditions

Warranty conditions

  • The duration of the warranty is established for a use that doesn't surpass 4,000 hours annually.
  • The warranty is completely void if the buyer modifies or alters the controller in any way.
  • The warranty is applicable, so long as the product has not been exposed to temperatures above +38ºC.
  • After a replacement or repair, the warranty period does not reset. 
  • The warranty will only be applicable if the instructions for manipulation, installation and maintenance are respected, as with the tolerance of the feeding systems which is indicated within the technical specifications of the product on www.ledkia.com. 
  • The claim will only be accepted if the working life of the unit is inferior to the L80B10 in the warranty period.

1. Warranty Limitation

The warranty as has described applies exclusively to products acquired through LEDKIA’s official website: www.ledkia.com, and only to the party who acquires them from LEDKIA, from hence on, the Buyer.

LEDKIA guarantees that their products will not present any manufacture and/or material defect. This warranty is applicable depending on the time period and the conditions under which the sale was made. If the product does fail in function with the current warranty, LEDKIA will proceed to repair/replace any affected material, according to the conditions and terms which follow.

2. Terms and Conditions

The present warranty exclusively protects the buyer. If, as is stated in point 3, the Buyer decides to return a product that is covered by warranty and, once LEDKIA inspects and confirms the product and accepts the warranty, LEDKIA will repair or replace the defective product or component for the buyer. Replacing or repairing the product does not include the product removal or installation costs.

If LEDKIA were to decide to replace a product and this turns out to be unavailable, due to said product being discontinued or unavailable for any other reason, LEDKIA may replace the product for another with equal or superior characteristics, which may present slight variations in design or features.

This limited warranty will only be applied to products that have been connected, installed and correctly operated within the electrical values, working range and environmental conditions described in the product specifications, application guidelines, IEC standards, or any other document that accompanies the product. If a product is found to be faulty, or doesn’t match the specifications, the Buyer must notify us via the methods available on LEDKIA (generate an RMA form the customer account).

The following warranty is not applicable to damages or specification non-compliances that are derived from natural disasters or any wrongful use, abuse or anything that violates the applicable electrical regulations or industry safety rules. The warranty will become void if the product is repaired or altered in any way outside of LEDKIA’s technical service, or without previous written authorization from them. Any product that’s replaced within the warranty becomes property of LEDKIA at the moment that said product is replaced.

3. Warranty Claims

All warranty periods are subject to that a LEDKIA representative may access a product to verify the nonconformity of said product. Warranty claims must be reported within a maximum period of 30 days since discovery, through the mediums made available for it (generating an RMA from the customer account) and providing all the requested data and information to LEDKIA’s technical department.

As long as the warranty claim is justified, LEDKIA will cover the costs of transporting the affected merchandise. In any event, the client will adequately package the product so that it cannot suffer any additional damages during transport. If the product isn’t defective, LEDKIA may charge the client for the return shipment, for the testing and for associated management costs. Likewise, any merchandise not covered by warranty and belonging to the buyer that is in LEDKIA’s possession may be charged for storage costs, depending on After Sales conditions.

The consumer and user has a right to adequate technical service and to the availability of replacements during the minimum period established in current legislation.

4. Non-implied warranties or other warranties

The warranty and exposed resources in the present conditions are the only warranty that LEDKIA offers with respect to our products and constitutes the entire set of obligations and regulations for the Buyer. Likewise, they are the only, exclusive resource that the Buyer has against any defective or unsatisfactory product. 

5. Limits and Conditions

  • This limited warranty excludes, without being limited to, installation, access to products (scaffolding, escalators, etc.) and special or indirect damages that may include the loss of benefits/earnings, damage to property or any type of cost not mentioned before. 
  • LEDKIA’s technical service must be authorized, always upon request, to access the product or defective application in order for review.
  • LEDKIA is not at all responsible for the electrical supply, rises or falls in tension nor for current-rectifying systems that surpass the specified limits of the product or the applicable regulation of said supply.