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Luxómetro Digital

Digital Lux Meter

Ref: 102624 / LXMTR-DGTL

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Digital Lux Meter

Ref: 102624 / LXMTR-DGTL

  • IP20
  • 160x58x27 mm
  • 3 Years
  • 0.280 kg
  • PC
  • -20ºC ~ +60ºC
  • 6F22
  • 160 mm
  • 58 mm
  • 27 mm
  • Yes
  • 1

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Description Digital Lux Meter

The Digital Luxmeter, an indispensable lighting measurement tool that every professional in photography, electrical, architecture and interior design should have in their toolbox. It is able to measure the light intensity (luxes) in different environments and adjust the lighting to achieve the desired results in your projects.

This digital lux meter is high quality, accurate and easy to use. With an easy to read LCD display.

Its compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere and store it without taking up too much space.

Complies with JISC1609:1993 & CNS 5119 Class A safety standards.

Measurement range:
0 to 40 / 400 / 4000Lux / 40 and 400kLux and 0 to 40 / 400 / 4000FC and 40kFC.

Characteristics Digital Lux Meter

IP Protection: IP20
Material: PC
Size: 160x58x27 mm
Height: 160 mm
Width: 58 mm
Length: 27 mm
Total Weight: 0.280 kg
Working Temperature: -20ºC ~ +60ºC
Battery operated: Yes
Battery: 6F22
Number of Batteries: 1
Battery Voltage: 9 V
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: CE & RoHS
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