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Inversor Solar SAJ R6 Inyección a Red 20-40 kW con Control Wifi Trifásico

Three-Phase Solar Inverter SAJ R6 Grid Injection 20-40 kW

Ref: 93056 / SAJ-R6-T3

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Three-Phase Solar Inverter SAJ R6 Grid Injection 20-40 kW

Ref: 93056 / SAJ-R6-T3

  • 20-40 kW
  • IP65
  • 220-240V AC
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 659x473x240 mm
  • 3 Years
  • 35.00 kg
  • UKCA
  • Aluminium, PC
  • 0.80
  • Outdoor, Indoor
  • I

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Description Three-Phase Solar Inverter SAJ R6 Grid Injection 20-40 kW

This R6 Series MPPT Three-Phase WiFi Grid Connection Inverter is a device that allows us to convert the direct current provided by the solar panels of a photovoltaic installation into alternating current with three-phase output for the consumption of a local or industry. This type of inverter is the simplest because it only works when it receives sunlight. They are connected to the grid and generate a signal of the same frequency to inject the energy produced by the solar panels into the grid. If you wish to block the surplus produced by the inverter you will need to purchase a zero discharge kit which is sold separately.

The three-phase grid-tie inverters are specially designed for industries that already have a connection to the grid. The inverter can directly deliver the power generated by the PV panels to the industry's electrical installation. At night, when there is no power generation, the inverter will remain off. The next day when the sun shines, it will automatically switch on. Grid-connected photovoltaic systems are the most cost-effective because they provide savings on the electricity bill with a very low investment.

The R6 Series MPPT Three-phase WiFi Grid-connected Inverter has eSolar Portal, a platform developed by SAJ which, via WiFi connection, allows you to monitor data, for remote maintenance and with which you can manage the energy. It has a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) tracker with a wide range and efficiency, this technology ensures the optimal balance between voltage and current so that the solar panels operate at maximum power.

To perform the configuration and commissioning of the installation we need the eSolar SET app available for Android and iOS. The password for local connection to the inverter is 123456. The inverter can be started up using the Bluetooth connection.

It does not have a fan.

IP65 protection (outdoor and indoor mounting).

WiFi included, USB connector and Plug & Play AC connector.

MC4 photovoltaic connectors.

RS-485 communication.

Optional non-injection system.

Characteristics Three-Phase Solar Inverter SAJ R6 Grid Injection 20-40 kW

Power: 20-40 kW
Maximum Power: 30-60 kW
Power Factor: 0.80
Voltage: 220-240V AC
MPPT Voltage Range: 180-1000 V DC
MPPT Maximum Intensity 32 A
Number of MPPT Trackers: 2-3
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Max Output Current: 33-58 A
Protection Class: I
Cable Size: 16-25 mm2
Use: Indoor, Outdoor
IP Protection: IP65
Material: Aluminium, PC
Installation: Surface
Size: 659x473x240 mm
Height: 659 mm
Width: 473 mm
Length: 240 mm
Total Weight: 35.00 kg
Battery operated: No
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 / 2.4GHz
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: UKCA, CE & RoHS
Brand: SAJ