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Take advantage of the ideal combination that LED bathroom mirrors provide to guarantee optimum lighting when you are putting your makeup on or when doing your daily grooming routine.

What tone of light should you place in the bathroom mirror?

When it comes to choosing bathroom lighting, we recommend you look for a combination between functionality and comfort.

Study all of the possible situations that influence the bathroom light you need: daily hygiene, makeup, relaxation or simply décor. This analysis will help you to choose the best option and will give you ideas about how to integrate it with the rest of the furniture.

At Ledkia, we make this task easier for you since most of our mirrors with LED lighting enable you to choose the colour temperature (WARM-NEUTRAL-COOL) using a touch switch inbuilt into the mirror.

In summary, the tone of light is determined by the colour temperature, a parameter measured in Kelvin:

  • Cool light from 5000 K upwards.
  • Neutral light between 3500 K and 5000 K.
  • Warm light up to 3500 K.

For everyday use, we recommend a neutral light (around 4000 K). This is ideal for a bathroom mirror, as this colour temperature illuminates without distorting colours.

In terms of quality, all of our mirrors with LED lights are made in a high quality smooth glass, with a thickness of between 4mm and 5mm, providing excellent strength.

Which mirror with a light is the best for your home?

Knowing which type of mirror to buy for our home is no easy task, as there are many factors to take into account when buying one.

You should think about where it will be installed, the size, shape and quality of the materials, depending on how it will be used.

Which model you choose will depend on the chosen location. If you are looking for decorative mirrors that look beautiful, you should opt for models with LED lighting that light up the entire surface of the mirror. Hence, we recommend our round frameless mirrors or our square mirrors with dual lighting, top and bottom.

In the specific case of bathroom mirrors with a light, it is important to choose models with an anti-mist system.

How does the anti-mist system work?

The anti-mist system for bathroom mirrors consists of an adhesive sheet or resistors in the form of tubes installed on the rear of the mirror. This provides heat to prevent the mist or vapour from affecting the mirror, and doesn’t cause fogging.

This way, you can make mirrors last longer by preventing problems like corrosion, which usually appears in mirrors without this characteristic.

Another advantage when it comes to the sheet that sticks to the rear of the LED mirror is that, if it breaks, it will prevent the pieces from coming loose, so our bathroom mirrors also feature a safety element.

In any case, all of our mirrors with LED lights are made in a high quality smooth glass, with a thickness of between 4mm and 5mm, providing excellent strength.

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