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Our featured products from B22 LED bulbs

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Within the category of B22 LED bulbs, we find a diversity of models, features and shapes to suit our needs and personal preferences in terms of lighting.

The most common B22 LED bulbs have a round or spherical shape, similar to a pear, but are also available in a wide range of creative and functional shapes.

What does B22 mean?

The B22 code refers to the bayonet socket type, which features two side tabs that snap into place when the bulb is rotated, providing a secure fit. This type of socket has been widely used in a variety of lighting applications.

What size are B22 bulbs?

Each B22 bulb model varies in shape and size. It is essential to check the dimensions before buying a bulb to ensure that it will fit correctly in the intended installation space. For example, a B22 bulb type A60, one of the most common, has a diameter of approximately 60 mm and a length of about 110 mm.

How to choose the right B22 bayonet bulb?

Just as when choosing any type of light bulb, it is essential to pay attention to certain aspects in order to make an informed decision:

  • Bulb shape: If the bulb will be exposed, it is important that its shape complements the style of the lamp or fitting.
  • Angle of aperture of the light beam: To focus the light on a specific point, bulbs with a narrow beam angle are recommended. For more general illumination, bulbs with a wide beam angle, at least 120 degrees, are recommended.
  • Dimmable: If we want to adjust the intensity of the light according to the occasion, it is advisable to choose dimmable bulbs.
  • Light colour temperature: Select the appropriate colour temperature for each space and the type of ambience we wish to create.

In summary, B22 LED bulbs are a highly efficient alternative to conventional bulbs with bayonet sockets. Replacing them is a simple process, as in most cases you only need to twist the current bulb and put the new one in its place. With these bulbs, you can enjoy long-lasting, efficient and versatile lighting in your home or office.

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