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The fitted LED profiles for ceiling and plaster, floor or furniture are easily installed, integrating into the surfaces elegantly. In addition, they protect the LED strips and provide clean, enveloping and highly functional indirect lighting.

On our online store you will be able to find different sizes of fitted profiles for LED strips with aluminium finishes and transparent covers for maximum brightness or translucent for a suggestive diffuse light with which to create the so-called “frosted” effect, which helps to avoid glare.

Straight profiles help you create lines of light on shelves, mouldings, tables, wardrobe interiors or staircases offering a minimalist touch of light in your rooms while protecting your LED lights from dust, moisture or knocks.

We also have profiles for corners, ceilings and walls with die-cut fins with which to ensure a perfect grip on surfaces such as plasterboard, tiles, etc., while ensuring a very professional finish.

We invite you to discover our aluminium profile models to embed LED strips on the floor with a IK10 degree of protection that resists an impact of 20 joules, equivalent to the impact of an object of 5 kg from a height of 40 cm. This is an unbeatable alternative to mark routes or to multiply the points of light of some rooms.

Thanks to the fitted LED profiles and your creativity you can turn an anodyne wall or ceiling into a work of art that is the perfect accompaniment to any decorative style enhancing its effects with different types of LED strips, both monochrome and adjustable in colour.

On our online catalogue of fitted LED profiles you can choose models with a continuous cover from 1 to 10 meters long so you can adapt them to any space.

Likewise, we offer you profile alternatives with integrated LED stripsmouldings for diffuse and decorative lighting, and LED profile accessories so that your light installation projects amaze.

Why use fitted LED profiles?

Built-in LED profiles offer a number of benefits that you should know before opting for one type of LED installation or another, both in your home and in your business:

  • Allows you to place points of light exactly where you want.
  • Provides a professional finish.
  • It participates in the dissipation of heat.
  • Prevents loss of light brightness.
  • Increases the service life of LED strips.
  • It facilitates the installation of LED strips without the need for work, integrating them completely into the surfaces.
  • Provides great versatility to your light compositions.

In your lighting projects, keep in mind that decentralising the points of light offers a greater sense of spaciousness in your spaces.