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About Corner Profiles

LED corner profiles are an ideal solution to protect and conceal LED strips while ensuring a professional and sophisticated finish for the lighting of different spaces in your home or business.

At efectoLED we offer corner LED strip profiles that can be installed in different directions with angles between 30º and 60º. We have models with transparent covers for greater luminosity or translucent covers for a more welcoming diffused light effect.

We have LED corner profiles in 1 metre versions or models that give you a choice of lengths from 1 to 10 metres. The profiles come with everything you need for installation, such as fixing clips, side covers, etc.

We have selected high quality models in anodised aluminium, a material that also increases the lifespan of the LED strips. You can also choose from different sizes, with circular or flat covers, profiles with double projection, and black versions with a dark cover for a stylish finish.

In our online catalogue you will also find LED corner profiles that can be integrated into tiles, plaster or plasterboard thanks to die-cut fins. The result is perfectly matched to the surface.

We invite you to discover all our alternative proposals of aluminium profiles for linear, recessed and suspended LED strips.

Tips for choosing the right LED corner profile for your needs

We would like to provide some tips that can help you to choose the right LED corner profile for your needs.

Take a look at the following indications:

  • The installation site. This will determine whether you need surface-mounted or plasterboard-integrated LED profiles, among other possibilities.
  • The meters you will need. In our online catalogue we have corner strips up to 10 meters long.
  • The type of cover you are looking for. For example, transparent covers offer brighter illumination, while translucent covers provide a more diffused light. On the other hand, in our online LED shop we have another option: dark covers to create intimate atmospheres.
  • The appropriate profile shape. It can be triangular or round, depending on the surface on which you are going to place them.
  • The desired light projection. As they are corner profiles, you can choose designs with one or two projections, thus increasing the effects you can achieve.
  • The angle at which they can be mounted. Some models are variable, i.e. you can mount them at different angles depending on how focalised you want the lighting to be.