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Lamp holder

Lamp holders are necessary elements in the installation of your bulbs to the electrical circuit. There are different types of lamp holders, although the most common in UK homes are E14, E27 and E40.

At Ledkia we have interior and exterior lamp holders made of different materials such as aluminium or polycarbonate with very good resistance to impacts and high temperatures, ideal for your customisable lamps.

We offer you matt, shiny or metallic finishes in different colours -black, gold, chrome or pink- that cover all the design options you need for modern, elegant, romantic, industrial, etc. lamps.

You can choose between lampholders with built-in switch or increase the number of lights on the existing lampholders thanks to 3-outlet adapters that also rotate 360º and bend 180º.

If you are looking for originality, try installing pendant lamps with several heights both suspended and wall mounted, with the lampholder incorporated in the fitting.

Let your creativity flow and combine our lamp holders with our textile electric cables and lampshades. Or perhaps try portable lamps that do not require installation.

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About Lamp holder

What to consider to choose the lampholder according to the type socket?

In the UK there are many types of lampholders that match the different types of bulb sockets.

The different numbers and letters correspond to the type of screw type of the bulb holder.

Thus, we have to:

  • The letter E refers to an Edison type thread. The most common models are: E10, E14, E27 and E40.
  • With the letter G, the contact is made by means of clamps or single-pressure electrical connectors. The most common models are: G4, G9, G5T5 and G53.
  • With the GX letters, the connection is with push-in terminals. The most commonly used model is the GX5.3 lampholder.
  • In the GU letters, the contact is established by clamps for some halogen or LED bulbs. The GU10 lampholder stands out in this category.