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Christmas Candles

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  • Pack of 3u LED Natural Wax Special Flame Candles in Green
    Ø74 mm // 100-120-150 mm
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  • Pack of 3u LED Natural Wax Special Flame Candles in Silver
    Ø74 mm // 100-120-150 mm
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  • Pack of 3u LED Natural Wax Candle

    Price not available

    Pack of 3u LED Natural Wax Candle

    100-120-150 mm // Ø74 mm
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  • Set of 3 Flame Mix Natural Wax LED Candles
    (100-120-150)xØ80 mm
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  • Christmas Candles

    Christmas Candles

    Rediscover the charm of the most classic decorations with our wide selection of LED Christmas candles. They are made of natural wax and are not only a great option to create special atmospheres in any room of your home, but they are also the perfect decorative object to welcome this festive season in all its splendour and, at the same time, give a new life with the lighting of different spaces such as a shelf or a coffee table.

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The models in our selection of LED Christmas candles emit a flickering light similar to traditional candles, but with all the advantages of safety and savings that this type of lighting offers.

They are also available in different colours so that you can choose the light that best matches your home's decoration.

How long do LED Christmas candle batteries last?

Our LED Christmas candles are powered by two regular AA batteries that can be purchased in any shop. How long they last depends mainly on the model you buy and the amount of time you keep them lit.

Under normal conditions, a single LED Christmas candle could easily last up to a week of full-time operation.

What are the advantages of LED candles over traditional candles?

LED candles offer many advantages over traditional candles if you are thinking of decorating your home with decorative LED lights for Christmas.

Among the many advantages are:

  • They do not need real fire to function.
  • They are much safer. If you have small children or pets, the chance of an accident is reduced to a minimum.
  • LED systems consume much less electricity than conventional lighting systems, so you could fill your home with LED candles with little or no change to your electricity bill.
  • Our LED Christmas candles accurately reproduce the kind of lighting that traditional candles emit, including their familiar flickering, while providing a warm light that is perfect for soothing ambiance.