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Luminaria LED 40W Aventino LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium DALI

40W LED Street Light DALI LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium Aventino

Ref: 76702 / LMNR-VNTN-40W-PHLPS-X-DL

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40W LED Street Light DALI LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium Aventino

Ref: 76702 / LMNR-VNTN-40W-PHLPS-X-DL

  • 40 W
  • DALI
  • 5400 lm
  • 160ºx60º / 120ºx120º
  • IP66
  • 100-240V AC
  • 220-240V AC
  • 80
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Ø485x696 mm
  • 5 Years
  • 6 Kg

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Description 40W LED Street Light DALI LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium Aventino

The 40W LED Street Light DALI LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium Aventino  is one of the latest generation luminaires, offering instant switching on thanks to its LED technology, as well as great power. It is the ideal replacement for the old discharge lamps, improving the quality of light and significantly reducing energy consumption.

Characteristics of the 40W LED Street Light DALI LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium Aventino

Incorporates LUXEON 5050 2D light source. The light source is protected by tempered glass with an IP66 protection factor that makes it weatherproof. Lumileds technology guarantees high light output with extreme durability. Lumileds is a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of lighting and also holds more than 200 patents related to LED technology.

The body of the luminaire has been manufactured using the injection moulding method to guarantee the optimum quality of the heatsink, in high quality aluminium. It has an internal hinge that enhances its aesthetics without losing versatility. It has been given an anti-corrosive treatment, both chemical and mechanical, resistant to UV rays, which further improves its aesthetic durability. In addition, the luminaire is fitted with a surge protector for added safety.

Characteristics of the Xitanium Driver

A LED driver is responsible for transforming the alternating current from the mains into direct current suitable for the LED chips to shine. The Xitanium Driver is made by the prestigious company PHILIPS, one of the most innovative and prestigious brands in the lighting industry, this driver is specially designed for Street Lighting. This range of drivers offers unique reliability and flexibility, providing high performance and optimum efficiency of the LEDs. The entire Xitanium driver range incorporates an IP65 enclosure that protects against moisture, vibration and temperature, ensuring maximum durability. In addition, it includes both over-temperature and over-voltage protection.

The DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) system allows you to have control over the luminaire in a simple way. DALI is a common interface that allows us to dim the light intensity, program on/off, automate and generate timers. It is useful for saving energy, adapting to different scenarios.

Reducing energy consumption is a significant saving for any urban centre. Enjoy the best street lighting with the different options of our Aventino Street Light at your online shop Ledkia.

* The colour code of the luminaire is RAL 9005

* Diameter of the fixture: Ø75mm.

Characteristics 40W LED Street Light DALI LUMILEDS PHILIPS Xitanium Aventino

Power: 40 W
Voltage: 220-240V AC
Multi-Voltage: 100-240V AC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Protection Class: I
Dimmable: DALI
Light Source: LUMILEDS SMD5050
Number of LEDs: 24
CRI: 80
Lumens: 5400 lm
Luminous Efficiency: 135 lm/W
LED Performance: 145 lm/W
Energy Efficiency 2021 (UE-1369/2017): A+
Energy Efficiency 2023 (UE-2019/2015): D
Beam Angle: 160ºx60º / 120ºx120º
Lens Type: Transparent
Use: Outdoor
IP Protection: IP66
IK Protection: IK09
FHSINST: Less than 0,1%
Material: Aluminium
Colour Code: RAL 9005
Size: Ø485x696 mm
Fixing Diameter: Ø75 mm
Total Weight: 6 Kg
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +45°C
Driver: PHILIPS Xitanium
Life Span: 100,000 Hours
Warranty: 5 Years
Certifications: ENEC, CE & RoHS
Brand Component LUMILEDS