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Batería de Litio PYLONTECH 48V US3000 3.6 kWh

PYLONTECH 48V Lithium Battery US3000C 3.6 kWh

Ref: 86834 / BTR-PYLNTCH-US3000

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PYLONTECH 48V Lithium Battery US3000C 3.6 kWh

Ref: 86834 / BTR-PYLNTCH-US3000

  • 1776 W
  • IP20
  • 48V DC
  • 442x420x132 mm
  • 37 A
  • 3 Years
  • 32.00 kg
  • Aluminium
  • Indoor
  • -20ºC ~ +60ºC
  • Li-ion
  • 132 mm

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Description PYLONTECH 48V Lithium Battery US3000C 3.6 kWh

The PYLONTECH Lithium Battery 48V US3000C 3.6 kWh is a perfect solution for residential storage installations. It is an advanced Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery which allows us to have a Lithium technology battery at a very economical price. The great advantage offered by the PYLONTECH solution is its great compatibility with many brands of inverters on the market, a very attractive price given its characteristics and a modular format for installation in a 19' rack.

Characteristics of the PYLONTECH Lithium Battery 48V US3000C 3.6 kWh

Among the lithium solar batteries, this one reigns supreme for its lightness. It weighs 32 kilograms. Also noteworthy is its long life, with more than 6000 cycles, having a depth of discharge of 80%, so it is not required to change battery in a very long time, something that compensates the price extremely.

It has a self-cooling module, battery balancing system (BMS) and has a simple and adaptable configuration to your installation or solar photovoltaic kit, and can operate in parallel and mounted in rack or brackets. It can be configured as a modular network offering multiple possibilities to users. Compatible with most hybrid inverters on the market.

The PYLONTECH 48V US3000 3.6 kWh Lithium Battery, given that the technology allows it, and thanks to its easily stackable format, can be connected in parallel up to a maximum of 16 units with the current firmware of model C. With a Hub we can put in the same installation up to 5 blocks of 16 units each. Everything is monitored by the internal BMS which distributes the energy between the cells and modules, preventing them from overcharging or over-discharging. This functionality in a lithium battery is of vital importance.

It incorporates multiple communications protocols that allow the battery to communicate to share battery charging parameters and function properly. Maintenance free, a sealed module designed to be installed indoors, the Pylontech US3000 offers its full performance without the need for any maintenance throughout its lifetime.

*The Pylontech US3000C battery includes the connection cables to connect the batteries together.

Characteristics PYLONTECH 48V Lithium Battery US3000C 3.6 kWh

Power: 1776 W
Voltage: 48V DC
Intensity Level: 37 A
Capacity: 3.6 kWh
Use: Indoor
IP Protection: IP20
Material: Aluminium
Size: 442x420x132 mm
Height: 132 mm
Width: 442 mm
Length: 420 mm
Total Weight: 32.00 kg
Working Temperature: -20ºC ~ +60ºC
Battery: Li-ion
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: TÜV, CE & RoHS