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Lithium Battery PYLONTECH 24V UP2500 2.85 kWh

Ref: 74022 / BTR-PYLNTCH-24V

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Lithium Battery PYLONTECH 24V UP2500 2.85 kWh

Ref: 74022 / BTR-PYLNTCH-24V

  • 442 mm
  • IP20
  • 442x420x119 mm
  • 2 Years
  • 27.5 Kg
  • Aluminium, PC
  • +0ºC / +50ºC
  • Indoor
  • Li-ion
  • 420 mm
  • 119 mm

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Description Lithium Battery PYLONTECH 24V UP2500 2.85 kWh

The Pylontech 24V UP2500 Lithium Battery is an accumulator made up of Lithium Ferrophosphate cells. This allows us to have a battery with lithium technology at a very economical price and with great physical characteristics. Pylontech has the great advantage of being compatible with a large number of inverters on the market, having a very attractive price for its features and also being presented in a standard rack format that gives it a superior modularity thanks to being able to be installed in a standard 19' rack.

Features of the PYLONTECH 24V UP2500 2.85 kWh Lithium Battery

The Pylontech 24V UP2500 Lithium Battery offers, as usual with the rest of the models of the brand, a very comfortable format, suitable for a standard 19' rack that offers a very good flexibility. The battery can be installed in a cabinet like those used for servers and other networking devices. This will allow the battery to be grouped together, securely fastened, taking up less space and facilitating parallel interconnection between modules.

The battery incorporates a control electronics, usually called a BMS, which monitors the charging and discharging process of each battery. When several batteries are installed in parallel thanks to their stackable format, they communicate with each other thanks to the data cabling that links them together. Everything is monitored so that the energy is distributed between the cells and the individual modules to avoid overcharging or over-discharging. This functionality is vitally important in a lithium battery. For safety reasons it is necessary that whenever 2 modules or more of a Pylontech battery are installed, brackets or a rack cabinet must be used to secure them.

It is compatible with the vast majority of battery inverters on the market. Its communication protocols allow the Pylontech lithium battery to communicate with some brands of inverters in order to share the battery's state of charge and also to operate correctly.

Thanks to the lithium technology, no maintenance is required on the battery. It is a sealed and safe device suitable for indoor use. We only need to prevent the battery from operating in environments with extreme temperatures or excessive humidity to ensure proper operation and integrity. It is necessary to choose the system that best suits your energy needs and that meets the requirements that the brand indicates for this type of battery. By design of this type of batteries, an excessive intensity in both charge and discharge, can cause the battery to block to protect itself. Any failure resulting from these causes will not be covered by the warranty.

The actual effective usable capacity of the Pylontech 24V UP2500 2.85 kWh Lithium Battery is about 2.55kWh because there is always a safety margin to ensure long term durability and proper operation. The BMS does not allow the safety margin to be exceeded to ensure a long battery life. Since up to 20 units of this model can be installed in parallel at the moment, the maximum cumulative capacity of a system consisting of 24V Pylontech lithium batteries is currently more than 51kWh usable and almost 57kWh total theoretical.

Characteristics Lithium Battery PYLONTECH 24V UP2500 2.85 kWh

Capacity: 2.85 kWh
Use: Indoor
IP Protection: IP20
Material: Aluminium, PC
Size: 442x420x119 mm
Cut-Out 442 mm
Height: 420 mm
Width: 119 mm
Total Weight: 27.5 Kg
Air Temp. For Operation: +0ºC / +50ºC
Battery: Li-ion
Warranty: 2 Years
Certifications: TÜV, CE & RoHS


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