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Regardless of your type of home or premises and whatever your age, in our online catalogue you will find a suitable industrial style lamp at an excellent price.

Which type of industrial style lamp goes best with which space?

  • Given the strong personality of industrial lamps and the wide range that exists on the market, you can choose between different options depending on the room they are to be used in.
  • In the kitchen, for example, you can use one or more industrial pendant lights to properly illuminate the work area, the bar or the dining table.
  • In bedrooms, you can combine a central lamp with different points of light or with table or auxiliary lamps.
  • Now that you know the rooms they look great in, let's take a look at the types of industrial lamps you can make the most of.

Types of industrial lamps

  • Ceiling lamps: metal bell lamps are very fashionable.
  • Pendant lamps: those with extendable pendants are in great demand.
  • Floor lamps: they should have a metal head. The base can be a metal tripod or even wood.
  • Table lamps: with a wooden or metal base and metal grid lampshades or minimalist lamps that take advantage of the nakedness of the bulbs to add industrial style.
  • Industrial wall lights: extendable or simply adjustable, with exposed bulbs and without aesthetic or decorative excesses.

What materials and colours combine with the industrial style in your home?

Take note of our suggestions for ideas on materials and colours to achieve a total industrial effect in your home and, of course, use them to choose your ideal lamp:

  • If the house has original structures, don't discard them and make the most of them. Iron beams, brick walls or exposed heating pipes can help you achieve the industrial effect you are looking for.
  • If you don't have these allies you can include imitations in your design to help you achieve an industrial look and, of course, add a special touch with our metal, wood and glass lamps, if you want to finish off with a perfect finish we recommend our decorative filament bulbs.
  • In terms of colour, black or colours associated with metals (copper, rust, etc.) are better than pastel colours or even white in accessories. You can also use a combination of black and metal to achieve a perfect industrial finish.
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