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LED Wardrobe Lighting

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    What type of LED light is recommended for a cupboard?

    The first decision you face when considering placing an LED light in a cupboard is whether the fitting will be wired or not. As you can imagine, this has a direct impact on how it is installed.

    Hence, if there are no plugs or light points near to the cupboard, perhaps you should opt for a wireless model. If you have plugs or light points nearby, the previous problem disappears completely.

    Another factor to bear in mind is the function of your LED lighting for the cupboard. Do you want an LED light with movement sensor which automatically switches off after a period of inactivity? Or would you prefer a model that you switch on and off manually yourself?

    Continuing with the factors you should take into consideration, another one of utmost importance is whether the cupboard will be lit from the outside or inside.

    If you want to emphasise the body of your dressing room wardrobe, perhaps a ceiling light with spotlights would be ideal. However, if you want to illuminate the inside to make it quicker to locate clothing, a strip of LED lights will meet all of your expectations.

    Take a look at the Ledkia online catalogue where we share solutions for all of these types of situations. In addition, we have outdoor LED furniture that will add a touch of light and colour to any corner.

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