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LED wall lights are the perfect allies when it comes to illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to the fact that their purpose is not limited exclusively to decorating your home.

The wide variety of different models of LED wall lamps and wall lights in our online catalogue will help you make the most suitable choice whatever your case may be.

If you want to create a personalised interior ambience, if you want to add extra light to a passageway or staircase or if you want to continue to fully enjoy your terrace when the sun goes down, at Ledkia.com we have an LED wall light for you.

How to install wall lights?

Putting up a wall lamp is done in 5 steps:

Make sure that the power is turned off and that no electricity is passing through.

Now place the mounting plate and place the applique on it, marking the fixing points. Level it correctly and check that it is not twisted.

Drill holes at the marked points and insert the dowels into them.

Connect each wire to the terminal and to the lampholder.

Fix the wall light to the wall and, if necessary, attach the LED bulb.

At what height do you place the wall lights?

The height for placing wall lights depends directly on whether you are looking to highlight a decorative element (the height will depend on this) or if you want to create indirect points of light to be able to watch television, for example (you should place them so that they do not dazzle you or create annoying reflections) or even to create extra points of ambient lighting to, for example, move around a room without tripping (they will be located at a lower level than the rest of the wall lights).

How to decorate with wall lamps?

If you are considering decorating with wall lamps, you must first consider their function. This is important because depending on whether you want to provide general lighting or if you are looking to create ambient lighting, the model and design chosen will be different.

Don't forget that the wall lamp will not always be switched on, so its "look" when switched off is something to consider.

Likewise, if you want the main function to be lighting rather than decorative aesthetics, you can consider choosing minimalist designs or wall lights that are directly integrated into the wall so that they go unnoticed.

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