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T8 LED Meat Tubes for Butcher's Shops


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About T8 LED Meat Tubes for Butcher's Shops

The special T8 LED tube for butchers uses this new technology to provide a pinkish light that helps to show off your establishment's meat products in a more intense colour - all without neglecting the general benefits that LED luminaires already provide in their own right.

Surely you know the saying that we often eat and buy with our eyes. Well, this can work in your favour or against you and it is up to you to take advantage of this effect to make the customer see your products with a better and more appealing appearance.

Advantages of special T8 LED tubes for butcheries

Its manufactured from materials such as aluminium and polycarbonate -PC- adds to the other advantages of LED lighting.

These benefits include greater energy savings, lower consumption, a longer useful life than other luminaires and a commitment to include environmentally friendly materials that are not hazardous to people's health.

This last feature is particularly relevant in the case of T8 LED tubes for butcher shops, since in these establishments the exposure to food is very direct and food safety parameters are very strict in order to avoid contamination and other risks that may affect consumers.

On the other hand, by installing this type of LED tubes for the display case and counter of your butcher's shop, you will be able to create focal points of attraction towards the product.

Make your butcher shop stand out for its commitment to customer health. Don't let poor lighting lose you sales or ruin the opportunity to showcase the quality of the products you offer to your customers. It's simple, replace your old fluorescent tubes and make way for our special LED butcher's shop tubes, available in 4 standard sizes and with different wattage levels depending on your needs.

In addition, you can complete the lighting of your establishment with the rest of LED tubes that we have at your disposal in our extensive online catalogue of products. Add the right amount of light to every corner, whether on the ceiling or in the display case of your butcher's shop.