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Our featured products from Dimmable LED Bulbs

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Dimmable LED bulbs allow you to control the brightness of the light with the help of a dimmer, to create different atmospheres or to adjust the lighting to different conditions in a simple and convenient way.

The high quality of our dimmable bulbs provides significant energy savings and excellent homogeneous light.

In our catalogue you can find LED dimmable bulbs for all rooms depending on the control type you need, via a wall dimmer, a wireless controller, a WiFi app or bluetooth.

We have CCT selectable dimmable bulbs, that means that you can change the colour temperature as well as the brightness, choosing between cool, warm or neutral tones.

We offer a wide range of options, so you can experience personalised lighting in all types of spaces, both in your home and in your business. Explore the possibilities of LED filament bulbs - they can be E27 or E14 - that combine technology with creativity. Or expand the lighting sensations in corridors, halls or rooms by replacing the focalised light of your halogen bulbs with new shades thanks to dimmable GU10 LED bulbs.

Transform the concept of lighting with dimmable smart bulbs that can be synchronised with the settings of your home automation system.

Whether Nordic, industrial, classic or modern, dimmable LED bulbs give you the possibility to easily adapt their intensity to your activities, creating environments conducive to study or enjoyment, while at the same time saving energy thanks to all the advantages of the most innovative LED lighting.

Do dimmable bulbs consume more energy than non-dimmable bulbs?

You may think that dimmable bulbs consume more energy than non-dimmable bulbs, but this is not the case.

Consider that if you use LED bulbs below the maximum intensity, you are consuming less energy. Likewise, the fact of using dimming controllers makes it easier for you to make a more sustainable use of electricity, adapting the lights to your precise needs.

In addition, since the bulbs experience less wear and tear, you will be extending their already extensive lifespan, as is the case with all LED lighting, resulting in greater savings in the long term.