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Tips on how to buy boho chic lamps and create your own bohemian vibe

The boho chic style is a variant of the bohemian style, a fusion of cultures, eras and styles that has its origins in the 1950s which began to create extraordinary spaces combining ethnic, hippie and oriental designs.

In this way, natural textures, rustic finishes and retro styling feed back into each other, creating a charismatic universe that balances creativity and casual elegance.

Boho chic lighting is characterised by the use of:

  • Lamps made of natural fibres, mainly focusing on pendant lighting as a centre of attention combined with a distribution of dim and diffused light points throughout the room.
  • Materials and colours: cotton, ceramics, glass, paper, rattan, bamboo are among others the typical materials of boho chic lamps accompanied by earthy colours, greys, greens and soft yellows.
  • Handcrafted, sinuous, casual or romantic designs that imitate the forms of nature.
  • Combination of styles such as ethnic style lamps, Mediterranean style lamps and even retro lamps.
  • Use of LED technology to create relaxing spaces such as chill-out atmospheres. In outdoor areas, LED wall lights, bollards and decorative garlands give free rein to unlimited creativity.

Don't forget to add floral centrepieces, wallpaper and large plants to finish off your own boho chic style.