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Romantic Style

Romantic Style

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    Tips for buying romantic lights and creating rooms with charm and elegance

    This style of lighting simply has to include romantic style lights which help to create feelings of warmth, intimacy, beauty, relaxation and comfort to celebrate unique moments.

    We reveal some of the secrets of this type of lighting so you can get the most out of it:

    • Tone and intensity. The word “romantic” is bound to bring to mind a candlelit evening. This is exactly the feeling you can achieve by taking advantage of LED light technology.

      Prioritise warm, diffused and soft lighting or opt for the versatility of RGB or CTT bulbs.

    • Removing contrasts. Lights and shade can blur their lines to ensure harmony is maintained. Avoid mixing cold and warm lights to guarantee a feeling of continuity of the space.
    • Decorative lighting. The type of romantic style lights you choose is essential. In our catalogue, you can find options that become decorative elements to ensure every little detail exudes romanticism.
    • Special atmospheres. Don’t make the common mistake when it comes to romantic lighting, in other words, create a claustrophobic feeling.

    The secret to creating genuine atmospheres revolves around combining different types of lights and distributing them around the rooms. That way, as well as the central light of the pendants, if you strategically position wall lights, table lamps or decorative LED fairy lights, you will achieve magical lighting.

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