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Our featured products from T8 LED Tubes 120cm

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Discover a sustainable and highly effective lighting system with our 120 cm LED tube lights. The wide variety of features they offer makes them the best option when it comes to replacing the old fluorescent tube lights in your home or business, which are much more polluting and, also less efficient and durable.

Additionally, they consume up to 50% less energy which, in addition to helping you to save money, also helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and strengthen the ecological and environmentally-friendly profile of this product.

In general, LED tube lights are characterised for emitting a more intense and steady light than other models, like the T5 LED tube lights, and they boast a higher colour rendering capacity, which helps to enhance the details of the rooms they light up. These qualities back up the fact that the 120cm LED tube lights are ideal for extensive use in buildings and businesses that require bright and powerful lighting.

Our models of 120 cm LED tube lights can be connected simply to the network via a side connection which is duly marked and they work using a voltage of 220-240 V, so they don’t require a starter or ballast.

Their light output, which reaches 2,340 lumens in some models, makes our 120 cm LED tube lights perfectly prepared to fill the darkest surroundings with light.

Spaces and rooms recommended for 120 cm LED tube lights

The size of our 120 cm LED tube lights makes them a suitable model for use in schools, classrooms and other buildings designed for study, such as libraries.

The intensity of their light, without any flickering or buzzing, enables them to light up every corner effectively and facilitate visual concentration in tasks that require it.

However, their use is not limited to the above-mentioned spaces. Thanks to all of their characteristics, the 120 cm LED tube lights are also highly effective for lighting other larger settings, such as large offices and lobbies with high ceilings in office buildings, or commercial premises where having a good visibility is absolutely essential.

Furthermore, they are also a great option as LED lighting in garages and car parks, both public and private, as well as for logistics facilities, and certain types of warehouse.

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