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GU10 Smart LED Bulbs

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6 products

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About GU10 Smart LED Bulbs

The intelligent LED bulbs are smart bulbs or smart LEDs that offer you the possibility of replacing your old halogens with very efficient LED lighting to which another important advantage is added such as remote control through a Wi -Fi or Bluetooth connection.

In this way, the LED GU10 WIFI bulbs provide the option, according to the model, to regulate its brightness, its color temperature and even modify the color according to the sensations that you want to create in your home or in your business.

In our online catalog we show you our intelligent gu10 bulbs proposal of different 100 % compatible powers with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, among other home automation systems.

We also have 2 or more light packs with opal or transparent lens with a high chromatic reproduction index.