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E14 Smart LED Bulbs

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About E14 Smart LED Bulbs

Intelligent LED bulbs are part of smart bulbs or Smart LEDs, that is, luminaries that have an innovative technology that facilitates that they regulate at a distance and can also be integrated into domestic systems.

Thanks to this technology you can make a much more efficient use of your lighting and adjust it to the needs of each moment in a simple way. This is something you can check by consulting the wide variety of smart bulbs that you will find in our online catalog.

We have E14 bulbs with integrated Wi -Fi of various powers, luminous designs and intensities that have characteristics such as brightness regulation, color choice or selection of the CCT light temperature ideal for each moment, and all this through simple applications, controls or other functionalities.

In addition, they are 100 % compatible with home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri's shortcuts.