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2G11 LED Tubes

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About 2G11 LED Tubes

2G11 LED tubes are the natural replacement for 2G11 twin fluorescent systems. They are a much more efficient and less polluting option with up to eight times longer lifetimes.

If you are thinking of changing the conventional lighting system in your home or office, our 2G11 LED tubes are your best allies.

Unlike T5 LED tubes or T8 LED tubes, 2G11 LED tubes have a four-pin connector instead of a two-pin connector.

Their installation process is quick and intuitive, as they are connected directly to the mains and therefore do not need to limit the voltage through starters and ballasts. This, in addition to facilitating their handling and installation, improves their energy efficiency and extends their useful life.

The quiet, flicker-free light makes the 2G11 LED tubes a popular choice for office lighting, where uniform, well-distributed light is required.

Our selection of products allows you to choose between three types of white light according to your needs: warm, neutral or cool. This makes it easy for you to choose the LED tube model that best suits your home or business.

Recommended spaces and rooms for 2G11 LED Tubes

Due to their special characteristics, 2G11 LED tubes are chosen in all types of corporate buildings, such as banks, professional offices, offices of different types or administrative buildings, such as town halls or tax offices.

The arrival of teleworking in our lives has meant that many people have moved and converted, metaphorically, their own home into their workspace, aka, office. Implicit in this is the need for adequate, reliable, constant and resistant lighting at home to enable them to work in optimum conditions.

If this is your case, the 2G11 LED tubes can become your best allies when it comes to converting your living room into an office, or to turn your living room into a spacious and comfortable meeting room.

Exploit their potential and enjoy an ideal level of illumination to get your work done and save on your electricity bill, as they consume less than half the electrical energy of conventional fluorescent lighting systems.