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Floor Lamps

LED Floor lamps are an increasingly important lighting element when it comes to providing light in any setting. We can find all sorts of styles and sizes, with modern LED floor lamps gaining more and more popularity.

When we're choosing a new lamp, we should see whether it will easily blend in with the rest of our decór, or will it be an element that stands out amongst the rest of the elements in the room. Whichever lamp you choose, here at LEDKIA our online lighting shop, you'll find the model that best suits your needs and style.


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How to choose a floor lamp

When purchasing a floor lamp, take into account the effect you want to achieve and the intended use of the lamp. On the other hand, given that it is a highly decorative element, it is advisable to choose a model that is in harmony with the rest of the lighting fixtures in the space.

Furthermore, floor lamps do not require any kind of installation. As long as there is enough space, they can be positioned wherever you want.

Components of a floor lamp

The components that make up a basic floor lamp are as follows:

Lampshade: Located where the bulb is positioned, mostly at the top of the lamp. It can come in various shapes and materials such as metal, fabric, wood or other materials, even a glass lampshade, for example.

Stand: The framework of the lamp. It can be made up of one or several pieces.

Base: The foot of the lamp. Depending on the type, it is usually quite heavy, especially in arc lamps.

Of course, floor lamps can include other elements, depending on the design, but they all include these elements in one way or another.

Types of floor lamps

You will find a wide range of floor lamps in our catalogue, which can be grouped into three large categories according to their shape:

Upright floor lamps: These are usually the most common and, as the name suggests, they are characterised by the upright shape of the support or the body of the lamp. Its shape means that they can be positioned anywhere, even in confined spaces.

Tripod lamps: Similar to the previous ones, they differ in that instead of a straight support and a base, they have three legs.

Arc lamps: These models are very easy to recognise as the body of the lamp is curved. They are usually placed behind a sofa so that the source of light is above or in front .

If you look at the type of light they provide you can have:

Indirect light: Light is emitted upwards so that it reflects off the ceiling and walls and is distributed throughout the space.

Reading light: There are two kinds of reading floor lamps, the kind where the light source is focused on a specific point or the kind that include a secondary arm, usually flexible or articulated, where the light used for reading is located.

Ambient light: The lampshades are usually translucent, thus dimming and diffusing the light. Perfect for decorating and creating a cosy atmosphere.

Where to position floor lamps

The best place to position a floor lamp will depend on functionality and the layout of the other lighting elements as well as the furniture. As they do not require any special installation, they can be placed wherever they are really needed.

In the case of upright and tripod lamps, they are most commonly found in the corner of the room. Arc lamps are most commonly positioned behind a sofa.

Which bulb is best for a floor lamp

As always, when choosing a bulb you should think about the type of light required. In short, as floor lamps are mainly used to set the atmosphere in living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, it is most common to opt for a warm white light. On the other hand, if you are going to use the floor lamp as a reading light or as a secondary light, it is best to use a cool light.

Designer floor lamps. Choose your style

Apart from the functional value of a lamp itself, appearance is one of the most important purchasing factors. The styles that appeal to most are:

Vintage: One of the most popular styles. Vintage floor lamps are excellent for bringing a retro touch to any room. Pairing them with filament bulbs is a sure hit.

Modern: Functional and elegant, modern floor lamps are characterised by straight lines with an overall sophisticated look.

Nordic: Undoubtedly one of the most popular styles in recent times. The main features of Nordic floor lamps are the use of natural materials such as wood. Functionality and comfort is the main feature of Nordic style.