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Our featured products from G53 AR111 LED bulbs

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G53 or AR111 LED bulbs can replace your conventional halogen bulbs in a very efficient way and without emitting heat, allowing you to make significant savings on your energy consumption.

Due to their high luminous power and their closed light beams - we have models available from 24º aperture - they are ideal for highlighting an area or a product in intense and concentrated commercial lighting such as in restaurants, museums, galleries, shops that need to highlight products in a shop window, etc. They also adapt perfectly to Kardan-type designs.

On the other hand, you can combine them with downlights and ceiling lights in your home, or create intimate spaces that complement a more general light.

At Ledkia we have dimmable an non dimmable G53 LED bulbs in different colour temperatures to choose from, so that you can select the one that best adapts to your premises.

In our catalogue you will also find models with flicker free technology, for a high quality light without flickering, or also designs with Epistar COB LED technology consisting of a housing with a multitude of LEDs.

We also have tilting square rings, single or double, which allow you to easily direct the light beam.

The AR111 LED bulbs offer another great advantage: a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, ensuring powerful, high-quality light for years to come.

How to choose the right G53 (AR111) LED bulb?

Keep these 2 things in mind to help you choose the G53 ( AR111) bulb:

    1. The opening angle of the light beam. The smaller the angle, the more focused the light is. When we talk about G53 bulbs, the most common apertures are between 24º and 45º, which allow you to accentuate the lighting of an area, piece of furniture or any other object.
    2. The colour temperature. It should match your decor and the rest of your lighting. You can use G53 LED bulbs both to reinforce ambient light and to create contrast. If you cant decide on the brightness, you can also choose dimmable bulbs that allow you to adapt the light according to your needs.

Finally, please note that G53 LED bulbs are also called AR111. Specifically, G53 refers to the type of socket and AR111 refers to the shape and diameter of the bulb, in this case 111 mm, AR stands for aluminium reflector.

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