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About LED Lamp Holders

LED Enclosures act as lamp holders for LED tubes and offer you the advantages of this lighting technology in aspects such as lower consumption or greater respect for the environment as they do not use materials that are toxic or dangerous for people.

At Ledkia we have models of LED enclosures that are compatible with LED T8 tubes and LED T5 tubes, whether they are side-connected or powered at both ends. Our products are CE and RoHS certified to guarantee their quality and the absence of toxic or hazardous materials in their components.

LED Enclosures are an ideal option to replace traditional fluorescent tubes and further increase the savings on your electricity bill due to lower consumption, as well as the longer life of this type of luminaire compared to conventional ones.

In our online catalogue you have specific details about dimensions, power, brightness and prices so that you can choose the right model. With or without switch, with or without cable, T5 or T8, etc. There is an ideal model waiting for you in our shop.

What are the advantages of LED Tube Enclosures?

LED Tube Enclosures have four main advantages, which are summarised below.

Easy installation and maintenance

The installation of this type of LED lighting can be done in a simple way using magnets, adhesive strips or screws. In any of the cases, it is an easy installation to carry out and with a low or no maintenance cost that you will be able to do by your own means.

Specifically, the models of cordless LED strips, given their simplicity of installation, allow you to reach areas that are difficult to access, such as the aforementioned drawers or furniture with a lot of depth where it is difficult to reach otherwise.

Domestic, commercial and industrial use

The use of LED Tube Enclosures is not limited to the domestic environment, as we have already mentioned, they are also recommended for shelves and display cabinets, which makes them an ideal option for industries or for those businesses that show their products to customers.

From different types of shops - check out our special LED tubes for butcher's shops - to bars or cafés, at Ledkia we have specific solutions for you.