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Our services

Lighting consultation

Our sales representatives will help you find the perfect product to make your project stand out and achieve your goals.

Lighting study

Know in advance and in detail the lighting requirements of your project and plan the installation based on the real needs.

Customized quotation

Enjoy a web catalogue with more than 12,000 references in stock including technical and decorative lighting of the highest quality adapted to any budget.

Energy consumption study

Want to know how much you could save by switching to lighting with LED? We calculate the savings of the different lighting alternatives available to assess which one best suits your project.

Customised products

Our products don't fit your needs? Contact us, explain your idea and we will get the right products for your project.

Caring for the planet

We provide real and efficient solutions that will allow you to reduce your environmental impact and make your project eco-friendly.

What projects can we help you with?

Sports facility installations

Tennis courts, paddle courts, soccer fields, athletic fields, gymnasiums, exhibition halls... Our products are designed to achieve the best lighting without creating glare or discomfort to athletes.

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Industrial buildings

Highly durable and resistant industrial lighting solutions with maximum energy efficiency.

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Street lights

We have the experience and the necessary product to illuminate spaces such as city squares, parks, streets and all kinds of outdoor spaces.

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Educational centres


Educational centres

Architectural lighting


Architectural lighting




Car parks


Car parks







Exhibition halls


Exhibition halls

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Stock of more than 12,000 references

Up to 5 year Warranty

Our professionals guarantee you the highest quality and reliability

At the leading edge of technology

We have the latest innovations in LED solutions

European lighting leaders

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Easy Returns

60 natural days to return without hassle

Decorative Lighting

More than 4,000 trendy lamps with the best design for your home

Best price guarantee

Compared to the most outstanding websites in the industry

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Frequently asked questions

Will I have enough lighting?
With our lighting study we can determine exactly how much light your project needs. Our advisors will help you choose the products that will meet the requirements, to avoid a shortage of lighting, without having to pay extra.
I have a different project
Whatever your project is, we can fulfil your needs with our catalogue. This, together with the experience of our consultants and the lighting studies, will ensure the success of your project.
How long does this process take?
Depending on the project and the elements available to our team, we can offer a solution within 10 days.
How much does it cost?
Our service is completely free of charge for our clients.
What documentation is required?
For lighting studies we require, if possible, drawings in .dwg format. For electricity consumption studies we will need information about the existing products, the daily hours of use and a recent invoice.
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