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Solar LED lights for outdoor and indoor use is powered by the sun's energy, which makes it 100% independent of the mains power supply.

This independence is reinforced in some cases with motion sensors that make the luminaires more energy-efficient, as they only switch on when they detect movement and remain in a state of rest and energy saving the rest of the time.

In addition, the ambivalence of outdoor and indoor use is reinforced by the materials they are made of and the high IP protection that serves to defend them from solid external agents such as dust or water.

In the solar lighting catalogue of our online shop we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor models that will fully meet your demands.

Solar lamps, spotlights, Step Lights and much more

At Ledkia, and specifically in solar lighting, we have a wide range of products to illuminate your garden or terrace.

If you want to achieve general outdoor lighting, we recommend solar wall lights, solar step lights and solar spotlights. If you prefer to create a special space - both indoors and outdoors - decorative solar lamps or solar string lights are the ideal solution to create beautiful and luminous areas.

Do the batteries integrated in solar LED lamps need a charger?

LED technology has been a complete revolution in the world of lighting, not only because of the reduction in consumption that allows luminaires with an autonomy equivalent to many hours of light with each charge, but also because of the other associated advantages.

Among these benefits is that the batteries integrated in the solar LED lamps are automatically recharged by sunlight, making it unnecessary to use extra chargers for this function.

Do solar lights require maintenance?

In general, solar lights do not require any maintenance other than occasional cleaning of the solar panels to keep them free of dust or solid debris (snow, hail, debris, etc.) that could hinder their function.

To clean both indoor and outdoor sunlamps and to preserve their performance, it is sufficient to wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt they may have.

On solar lighting fixtures that have solar panels, make sure never to use tools such as stiff bristle brushes or scrubbing pads, as these can damage them.