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Outdoor Electrical Mechanisms

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About Outdoor Electrical Mechanisms

Outdoor watertight mechanisms are installed in places which require greater security or in places exposed to humidity, wind or rain such as garages, gardens, cellars, basements, swimming pools, etc.

Thanks to the added safety they provide, these outdoor mechanisms can also be installed in places such as laundries, hospitals, workshops or sports facilities.

Our watertight mechanisms combine robustness with innovation, offering a range of modern designs that adapt to the needs of different professional projects. You can find our range on our online catalogue.

Both installation and removal are simple and do not require any building work as they are surface-mounted electrical mechanisms. Our monoblock models make installation and removal even easier.

Characteristics of our watertight mechanisms for outdoors

These electrical components have high IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, which give them complete protection against dust and splashes, or jets of water, depending on their level of IP protection.

On the other hand, these outdoor electrical mechanisms are made of resistant and safe materials such as halogen-free thermoplastic that does not spread flames.

Professional watertight mechanisms for every need

At Ledkia we offer you a wide range of switches, from single switches with or without plugs, double switches and switches with indicator lights, as well as watertight F-type sockets that offer safety and durability.

We also have automatic pushbuttons that allow power to be supplied for a short period of time, such as opening a door, and which stop on their own to minimise power loss.

Their grey colours are suitable for all types of environments and allow them to be easily visually identified.

At Ledkia we are committed to quality, therefore you will find outdoor electrical mechanisms from the most important brands on the market, such as Legrand.

Protection of watertight mechanisms for outdoors

The watertight mechanisms have a series of features that give them the necessary robustness and protection to keep them safe from dust, water and wind:

  • High degree of protection. These components have protection ratings of at least IP54 (dustproof and splash-proof) and IP55 (protection against dust deposits and against water jets from all directions).
  • Solid and resistant materials. Watertight mechanisms use materials such as thermoplastic. This material is impact-resistant, lightweight and recyclable.
  • Halogen-free. At Ledkia we have outdoor electrical mechanisms that do not include chemical elements such as fluorine, chlorine, iodine, tenesium, astatine or bromine among their components. These are highly reactive elements that produce a dense and highly toxic smoke when they burn. This makes them an additional risk factor in the event of a fire.