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Kids lamps

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In our catalogue you can choose between fantasy-filled hanging LED lamps, infant’s night lights with LED and RGB included, which change colour and promote sleep, and flexible desk lamps to accompany the story time reading and study time.

The LED light garlands, which are so common in children’s lighting, are also a key element of children’s lamps, along with the LED strips in an infinite variety of colours, or wires from which to hang photos or souvenirs. And, of course, decorative lamps or neon lamps that create modern and special environments and which are also included in our extensive online catalogue.

In relation to ambient lighting, the LED wall lamps will ensure diffuse and comfortable lighting which is also very effective.

Advice on buying lamps for infants, children and teens

Being aware of how complicated it can be to choose children’s lighting, we want to share the following 3 tips with you:

  1. Children’s lamps. One of the items in children’s lighting are desk lamps, used to light up game playing time for the little ones. Given that they are going to be accessible, they need to be safe, and they should not generate heat. Wall lamps with fun shapes provide a healthy and protective environment for the little ones, as well as providing diffuse light that is not bothersome.
  2. Lamps for teens. In relation to lamps for teens, flexible lamps are the essential factor, so that they can do their homework with the visual comfort they require. To that effect, remember to choose a cold, uniform light. If you are looking for multiple functions, choose a lamp that allows colour temperature to be adjusted and which can also be used as ambient lighting.
  3. Infant lamps. The first precaution that you should take is with the ceiling light, which will have a direct impact on the baby’s eyes when they are lying down, often on their back. Choose lamps with a diffuser or even spider lights that emit ascending light. Don’t forget night lights for dealing with fear of the dark. Use a dim light with soft shapes that with keep the little ones company and calm them during the night. There are ones that work on batteries that you can take when travelling or which can also be moved to other spaces.
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