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Electrical Textile Cable for Lamps

Decorative cables for lights enable you to hide the connections of your light fittings while also adding an aesthetic touch which blends perfectly with the range of ceiling roses and bulb sockets that we have available in our online catalogue.

They are a fantastic choice for completing your creations of bespoke lighting, given that we have decorative cables to suit all styles.

For your Mediterranean, boho chic or ethnic lights, we also have some beautiful braided textile cables made of natural fabrics. Unlike rubber electric cablestextile cables for lights are designed to be seen and enhance your designs, so they are available in different colours and textures.

You can find our decorative cables for lights in white, black, gold, red, grey or blue, with a length from 1 to 100 metres and with a 1.5mm2 (millimetres squared) section and 3 copper cables measuring 0.75 mm2 each.

We have cables for ceilings or walls that help you to customise the height of your pendant lights, they are easy to use, hard-wearing and with a 3-year guarantee prepared to withstand voltages of between 220 and 240 V of alternating current (AC) and room temperatures ranging from -10 ºC to 50 ºC.

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