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Our featured products from Recessed Halo for LED Bulbs

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Recessed downlights for LED bulbs enhance any type of décor with their timeless and minimalist style, and they give prominence to the effects of your G10 and GU 5.3 bulbs. By doing so, they help to highlight the spaces within your home or business.

In our online catalogue we have a large variety of designs, both in shape and colour. You will find recessed downlights with a gloss or matt finish in white, black, gold, silver or bronze.

We also offer designs with inner facings in different shades to provide an original touch to your ceilings, whether the light is on or off.

The tilting models enable you to focus the beam of light towards your desired area and the low UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of our recessed downlights reduce glare, thereby improving the light provided by your LED bulbs.

You can combine single, double or triple downlights of different materials, such as aluminium or polycarbonate, and of different shapes such as conical, circular or square.

You can also choose models with an IP65 protection rating which are suitable for outdoor lighting, as these models are hermetically sealed against dust and protected against water jets.

Due to their great versatility, our recessed downlights are ideal for any newbuild. They are also a good choice for substituting halogen lighting in your business or home with much more efficient LED lighting. It is also much more environmentally friendly within the current context of transitioning to more sustainable lighting.

How do you install recessed downlights for LED bulbs?

If you are thinking of installing recessed downlights for LED bulbs, be aware that you will need to have a false or removable ceiling in order to fit them.

If this is not a problem, take note of these helpful instructions:

  • Choose a recessed downlight that fits in with your décor. At Ledkia, we have different designs that will add value to your spaces.
  • As there are different measurements in existence, make a hole that corresponds to the measurements provided by the manufacturer.
  • Install a compatible lightbulb fitting to place the bulb into.
  • Secure the lightbulb fitting to the ceiling with the fastening tabs.
  • If you are planning to install various recessed downlights in a row, pay attention to the aperture angle of the bulbs, as this factor will determine the distance between them.
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